UKRAINE – Good evening Europe and welcome to the jury dress rehearsal, as today we skipped the press rehearsal in the afternoon. Tonight we will be reporting for the Grand Final as 26 countries will definitely fight hard not only for the trophy but also for a top ten spot tomorrow night. Portugal has already reached the top in the bookies leaving Italy second. In the meantime you still have time to go and vote for the Grand Final in our 2017 Europrediction edition here. So let’s see how the show goes. After the non-intro opening in Stockholm, intro videos are back and Eurovision begins the proper usual way. A kinda messy electro opening black and white and the participants are presented one by one with the same idea and graphics like last year. No innovation at all and totally messy.

  1. Israel: Imri delivers the song better than any previous effort. The juries must be satisfied from his performance and I could definitely see him top ten with a performance like this.

  2. Poland: Excellent vocal performance but I don’t see sparkle in the eyes of Kasia. Don’t know if it’s stress or something else but I am afraid basides the good vocals this entry will not do well in the final tomorrow. Undoubtedly Kasia remains an excellent vocal performer.

  3. Belarus: The song that grew the most during the Eurovision weeks is definitely the entry of Belarus. Naviband make the audience go crazy and they deliver the song in an excellent way. Somehow I think this entry will surprise us tomorrow night.

  4. Austria: Nathan has the gift, the X-Factor, he enchantes you. You cannot ignore him. Austria once again impresses us and proves that that country it’s not only Conchita but it has many great young talents! Well done. A probable top ten for me.

  5. Armenia: Not a bad ethnic tune, definitely well delivered in terms of vocals and stage presentation. Somehow this one grows among the press and media representatives. I don’t see really why but it seems to be the truth, since Armenia climbs in the betting odd rankings.

  6. The Netherlands: Great vocal performance for a song that really doesn’t touch me. I don’t know maybe I am too Mediterranean to understand it and maybe this is a hit in North Europe. It reminds me a classy version of the Rounder Girls (Austria 2000). Not sure how this one will end up.

  7. Moldova: Don’t be surprised if you see Sunstroke Project in the top five tomorrow. They are the party song of the year and they deliver excellently.

  8. Hungary: one more amazing performance from Joci. A song that originally was not noticed but now it seems to be one of the best ethnic entries in recent years. I think Hungary will make it to the top ten.

  9. Italy: the favourite (?) on stage. Yes, Francesco storms the stage and makes the arena (and the press area) dancing. He is drawn 9th just like Sanremo Festival. Coincidence? Namaste Italia. We definitely have a favourite for the trophy at the moment. If Italy doesn’t win with this one (after their flop in 2015 loosing the trophy by the juries) I don’t see how this country can ever win Eurovision!

  10. Denmark: we have a song that can be sneaky and climb to the top ten out of nowhere and that’s because Anja is giving an outstanding vocal performance. She is definitely slaying the stage kneeling and not loosing a single note. Congrats girl!

  11. Portugal: simply superb! arena and press area are full of emotions and applauses. Congrats Salvador and thank you and Luisa for your music! Lisbon get ready!

  12. Azerbaijan: Although after Portugal, there is a small break with the hosts and that give us the chance to see the Azeri entry in brand new aspect out of emotional compromise. Dihaj presents us art tonight and the excellent stage idea once again will definitely bring the entry in the top ten despite that the bookies predict.

  13. Croatia: I think we had many great performances in a row. Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Azerbaijan and despite the excellente technique Jacques’ voice has I don’t see this entry going anywhere near the top ten tomorrow. But it’s Eurovision, you never know.

  14. Australia: what an excellent vocal performance that is. Isaiah you make the Aussies proud once again. Australia proves to be once again a quality dedicated soldier of the Eurovision Song Contest. Can we see him in the top five again? Well why not!

  15. Greece: it’s the most handsome girl in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest full of charisma. Seems though that the bookies are not loving the performance and the overall presentation. I am not sure how this will work, but one this is certain: the Greek team definitely presented a well structured job on stage. Now it’s a matter of personal taste.

  16. Spain: if you need a break for bathroom, now it’s the time. Kiki bar is also open. Without Spanish fans (at least registered OGAE Fans) due to the TVE ban, and with all the shadows the Spanish selection left when Manel selected, I am sure we cannot see something interesting for Spain in the scoreboard tomorrow. And it’s a shame as Spain, with the music industry, history and culture should have been dominating Eurovision trophies. By the way Manel was out of tune all the time!

  17. Norway: a good energetic tune from Norway with a great Alexander on stage. A hit for the summer? Maybe yes.

  18. United Kingdom: excellent performance and the polls prove that as the UK entry rises all the time as well as in the odds.

  19. Cyprus: not sure how this one will do but definitely it is boosted by the running position this entry has. Hovig was not bad in his performance but maybe he wasn’t that enough to save the day. He might be close to the top ten tomorrow night.

  20. Romania: simply excellent energetic and funky. I love those two and they give amazing performance.

  21. Germany: For those who underrated this entry, I must say that Levina brings a lot of joy and media attention here. She is the party girl we all love here and no matter if you like the song or not.

  22. Ukraine: Just like 2005, Ukraine as a host country is represented by a rock band. Ukrainians seem not to like that entirely but for me as a Eurovision blogger I see nothing wrong with O.Torvald. OK they will not win Eurovision but surely they deliver the rock spirit once again perfectly. Well done guys!

  23. Belgium: Blanche is giving a convincing performance which is definitely loved by the fans in the arena and press area. She also received golden status for her song. She is also drawn 23rd. Is it a miracle away for Belgium to get the trophy?

  24. Sweden: and now ladies and gentlemen we see a Melodifestivalen act by Robin Bengtsson. Once again well structured, produced and choreographed. Sweden will make it to the top five somehow (or at least very close to it).

  25. Bulgaria: I totally disagree with the hairstyle and the outfit of Kristian but the vocal performance is outstanding. Simply the best Bulgarian entry ever in Eurovision in terms of music (although we all gonna dance If Love Was A Crime for years)

  26. France: Last but not least Alma is defending the French colours in the best possible way. Classy, sexy, dynamic. This song will not score well in the scoreboard tomorrow but at least we are happy to see that France is on the right track to get the contest soon to any French city they want. I am sure they are positioned 26th (they were also last in 2005 Kyiv Eurovision edition) due to the live broadcast in the cinemas in France, tomorrow night.

and that concludes the live report. The show continues with Ruslana and Jamala performing live on stage. We are embargoed to air any videos from those performances, unlike other websites, but soon we will post some surprises for you. stay tuned!



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