UKRAINE – Welcome to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Jury Rehearsal. Soon we will report you on the event. Remember to follow us also on and vote on We’re back for the jury rehearsal of the second semi-final. Tonight, 18 national juries (plus France, Germany and host country Ukraine) watched the show and gave their points that will make 50% of Saturday’s final result. So let’s see, according to tonight’s performance, who has a chance to be in the juries’ Top 10.

After the same “Ukrainian women’s costume” sequence, the show started with a much better act than yesterday: our hosts performing (together with musicians and a choir) Eurovision hits, Ukrainian style (Euphoria, Fairytale, My Number One and Rise Like A Phoenix).

Serbia – Tijana gave a perfect performance, vocally speaking. The staging is quite easy on the eye, but the song itself has nothing special to stand out and conquer the juries in my opinion. A bit a dull of an act… But with politics (two other ex-Yugoslav republics in the line-up), anything is possible for Serbia.
Juries’ Top 10? 50% chance

Austria – Nathan, the Austrian “Petit Prince” obviously enjoyed himself on stage, performing flawlessly his feel-good entry “Running On Air”. The performance was really good and most juries should prise his voice and his groove.
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

FYR Macedonia – I’m afraid we’ve witnessed what we can call now the “Montenegrin symbol”. That is to say, an act that is much better on radio than on TV. Jana is not the best show-woman or performer ever, and I doubt juries will appreciate the use of microphone effects throughout the performance. But once again, it’s a Balkan state…
Juries’ Top 10? 50%

Malta – Claudia proved us tonight that a diva doesn’t have to scream like a suffering animal to be emotional. A very classical, a bit old fashioned but simple and beautiful performance for Malta tonight, that should please more than one professional.
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

Romania – Mixing rapping and yodelling, wow that’s something (veeeeery loud). The stage performance tonight was very Eurovisionesque with a lot of gimmicks and a real entertaining act to be honest. If jurors aren’t deaf after this song, they should give it some good points.
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

The Netherlands – For me these were one of the best voices tonight, and probably the nicest melody. OK, it’s a bit too “Glee” for some, but juries should appreciate the incredible harmonies the Dutch sisters offered us tonight on stage.
Juries’ Top 10? 100%

Hungary – THE ethnic entry of the year’s contest was perfectly performed by Joci, his violinist and his dancer. Given the strong “Romani” flavour of the act, juries will either love it or ignore it. I would tend to think that professional will give this entry well deserved points.
Juries’ Top 10? 100%

Denmark – It’s hard to explain, but tonight Anja (even though flawless and powerful) still sounded and looked like the singing competition candidate she once was. Maybe it’s all because of the song which is a good commercial pop ballad, but nothing more. I don’t see this getting national juries overwhelmed…
Juries’ Top 10? 25%

Ireland – Brendan has a strong but delicate voice that suits his ballad to perfection. Nevertheless, the young singer was not flawless tonight. Will national juries be receptive to the emotion? We’ll see…
Juries’ Top 10? 60%

San Marino – Call it up tempo or cheap, the entry stood out tonight. Catchy chorus, strong flawless voices could make the public vote for “Spirit Of The Night”, but national juries? No way!
Juries’ Top 10? 0%

Croatia – It’s really hard to have an opinion on the Croatian entry this year. It’s very cheesy and kitsch but let’s face it, the vocal performance is just perfect and incredible. With a little help from his Balkan cousins, this act should get precious votes from the national juries…
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

Norway – The Norwegian electro-dance act is a rather good one but like all acts in this category, this is made for listening, not for watching. The performance, even if good and neat, didn’t set fire to the venue, and it was obvious on screen (a bit like Latvia yesterday night). Not juries professional will go for it to be honest…
Juries’ Top 10? 25%

Switzerland – The Swiss performance of this mid-tempo ballad was not 100% perfect vocally ( a little out of tune on the high-note) but the general outcome was rather pleasant, even if not very original or memorable. I cannot see juries praising this one unfortunately.
Juries’ Top 10? 25%

Belarus – It was a very good and enjoyable performance tonight from Belarus. OK, it was a bit repetitive, but all folk songs are a bit… The singers, and their melodic and lively duo managed to conquer the venue. No doubt most juries will appreciate this act.
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

Bulgaria – Let’s dare to be honest, the young boy and his incredibly professional performance will win the juries’ vote in this semi-final. The voice is powerful and flawless, the music is modern but melodic, the staging (though a bit cold) is beautiful. We have a serious contender for victory there!
Juries’ Top 10? 100% sure

Lithuania – Well, that was weird! The weakest entry this year, didn’t manage to provoke a single reaction in the audience, and I can bet jurors were static too. Can a entry be too modern, too original… well the answer is yes.
Juries’ Top 10? 0%

Estonia – Perfect performance for Laura and Koit. Their, a bit old fashion duo, is working well on stage. My only concern there would be the song itself… Public will like it for sure, but jurors?
Juries’ Top 10? 50%

Israel – A very Eurovionesque entry for Israel which once again, was not 100% flawless. The public will forgive him for his good look and the energy of the track, but will jurors’ forgive the not perfect performance?
Juries’ Top 10? 75%

To make it short…
Will conquer the juries: Bulgaria, Hungary & the Netherlands
Should Conquer the juries: Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Israel, Malta & Romania
May conquer the juries: Denmark, Ireland, FYR Macedonia, Norway, Serbia & Switzerland
Won’t conquer the juries: San Marino & Lithuania



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