Eurovision 2017: oikopanel reviews and votes – the top five!

EUROPE – The annual oikopanel review and votes for the Eurovision Song Contest participants begins. Today we present you the top five as voted by the editors and affiliates of Fotis Konstantopoulos, Morten Kaiser, Luka Popovic, Jaime Solloso, Victor Cruz Lafuente, Olivier Rocher, Anastasia Bachas, David Hache, Geoff Lozano, Fred Medeiros, Darren Tompsett, Kyirakos Gold and Elias. Let’s see though how our editors feel about the overall participants in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Geoff Fontignie Lozano from Belgium

I think that this year there are really strong contestants and also some disappointments as usual. Seems that Italy and Francesco Gabbani is taking the lead like Il Volo in 2015. Hot favourite everywhere , Francesco presents a song with lots of joy and lots of quality. Again Italy took this contest seriously and I’m pretty sure that they will win the contest if the “professional” juries don’t kill him like they did with Il volo or Sergey last year. For that reason he is one of my favourite.

We also have a lot of ballads this year but for me Bulgaria is the best so far. For the second year I a row , this country take the contest with a lot of serious and bring us a talented young artist with a song that catch my heart the first time I listened to it. Being Russian, I also think that he will benefit the support of the Russian diaspora and also the rest of the Russian-friendly countries. For sure, like last year, Bulgaria is my personal 12 points this year.

About dark horses , I will mention Belgium with a fresh and modern song and a really special deep voice that will impress I hope the juries. My point of view is that Belgium , if juries don’t give so much points to Italy , will benefit the same way Jamala did last year, and maybe win the contest. My second dark horse is FYR Macedonia with that song who drive me crazy everytime I want to go out and I just hope that this girl will give to her country a nice result. I also love the Romanian concept with the mix between rap and yodel ! Amazing !

I’m not impress by Sweden this year , for me it’s too swedish and we have listen a too much songs like this. About who disappointed me the most , let’s mention Spain because well the song is just not representative of what spanish market can offer to Europe and the song is just too cheap . About San Marino ? really can’t you find someone else than Valentina ? or just make that male singer sing alone ? I don’t support that entry at all! Anyway I think that this contest will be as representative as his slogan , I mean a lots of musical diversity … and that’s why it will be note boring at all !

Kyriakos Gold from Australia

This year is a combination of many bad copies and few good tunes. I cringe when I listen to a song that is nice enough but reminds me of a not so old top ten tune (see Germany) as nice as it may be (see Switzerland). I also struggle to find a song that is clearly a winner – I don’t believe that Eurovision is solely a song contest, I think performance and stage presence has equal parts of the magic 12 points (look out for Greece and Romania), so I will hold before I see the rehearsals. J’adore the Balkan invasion this year: top ten effort by FYROM, awesome “army of lovers” style for Slavko, a great job by Serbia and a total favourite by Bulgaria. I just don’t think Europe will embrace the Balkans; call it politics.

I do in general love the entries of France, Moldova (oh so fresh), Azerbaijan and Armenia – but not strong enough to win. The Italian monkey business also doesn’t get my douze points – although I think it’s well… a sizeable contender for the trophy. It is a great cheeky and fresh song, but it only makes sense once reading the subtitles. Yes, the language barrier is real. Sweden is very catchy yet predictable pop and Cyprus needs to spin it just a tad faster to be a little more George Michael.

I don’t get the Portuguese love. The song reminds me of moon river, yawn ZZZZzz. Spain is a total train wreck and San Marino… well points for trying. Great PR exercise for Russia, amazing comms job but a wheelchair is not the babooskas (sorry Yulia). Finally, Belgium gets my 12 points, this song is uber sexy, very modern. I just hope Blanche can do it justice on stage but, I won’t hold my breath.

Darren George from the United Kingdom

The contest has not yet started but with all this drama over the last few months you would have thought it had! This years entries have surprised me, the countries that I normally like have submitted awful entries such as Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Australia and countries that I don’t normally like have submitted amazing songs for example over the last few years I haven’t liked the Italian entry but I must say this year Italy has grown on me and they are definitely get 12 points from me. Everyone is saying that Italy is going to win but with last years surprise with Ukraine winning I feel that it’s anybody could take the trophy. I do feel that I have picked the favourites in my 12th 10th and 8th points.

I adore FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Israel I can really see myself dancing to those songs in Euroclub. Some of the worst out of the bunch have to be Lithuania, Georgia, Portugal, Finland and Hungary which I’m sorry bore me to tears! What were the people in their countries thinking of selecting horrible songs?!?!?!

I am really interested in where my country the United Kingdom will finish. I don’t hate the song but then again I don’t love it and the fact that the UK have had help from a previous Eurovision winner this could be interesting seeing who will actually give the uk points?!?! Exciting stuff. So as you can see I have given away a lot of 12 points and the reason for this is that those lucky seven countries have submitted some amazing songs! Some I think could go on to win and some I just truly love.

The countries that have scored between 5-1 points are my least favourite, they don’t excite me and some entries really do bore me so I’m hoping that those songs don’t qualify to the final, obviously Spain will be in the final!
Everyone’s votes are different as we are all different people so the points really reflect the logo celebrating diversity!

I am very excited for this years contest in Ukraine, I have read a few of people’s views saying it’s a bad year but i think there is a lot of variety for everyone in Europe and it’s going to be an entertaining show. Despite what happened to Russia (which was a shame) the show must go on. So good luck to everyone in the contest I’m so exited! Who is going to win The Eurovision Song Contest 2017! Europeans start your voting and may the best country win!


01. ITALY 143 12 12 12 12 10 12 7 10 12 12 12 8 12
02. GREECE 111 10 8 4 10 10 10 6 12 8 7 7 7 12
03. BULGARIA 110 10 7 10 5 10 7 8 6 12 8 12 8 7
04. AZERBAIJAN 109 12 6 10 4 8 5 6 12 10 12 10 7 7
05. FRANCE 107 3 7 8 8 12 10 6 10 10 6 8 7 12

2 Comments on Eurovision 2017: oikopanel reviews and votes – the top five!

  1. Olivier Rocher (France) // May 1, 2017 8:29 pm at 20:29 //

    As a member of the Oikopanel I can tell that each one of us has been free to express his opinion (as usual). For example, though a Greece based website, I don’t like the disapointing Greek entry and could freely award that country very average points. Sorry you disagree with the panel’s vote, but at least you could respect our work and don’t doubt our freedom of speech. Merci!

  2. Greece second? Seriously? The song is awful. This Greek website is not objective AT ALL!!!!


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