Portugal 2017: highlights from Salvador’s interview to regional press

PORTUGAL – Salvador Sobral spoke recently to giving information about his health, Eurovision participation and more, during an RTVE video filming for Manel Navarro.

Regarding his medical condition he said that the people don’t have to know what is wrong with him and avoided further information on his condition while Portuguese rehearsal is subjected already into changes in timeline and presence. “I am dealing with my health problems as I dealt with everyone else. I never want to specify what problem I have, because people do not have to know what happens to me.”

Speaking about the Portuguese history in Eurovision he said that the country needs good song and he explains he was not aware of Eurovision and got information now that he heads to Kyiv. He doesn’t believe that he can beat the best ever ranking of Portugal (1996) but he is proud people admire his song and place him among the favourites. According to him although Eurovision is all about the show, people love the simplicity of his entry.

He insists in singing in Portuguese as the song will loose its charm in another language such as English. Through Portuguese he can transmit the culture and language of your personal heritage, he says. Though he doesn’t feel the excitement of being a favourite and it’s not something that worries him. He only goes to Kyiv to sing and tell his story through his song.

He participated in Festival da Cançao as the concept changed and gave chances to new artists and authors. He also refutes the publications saying that he called Eurovision as a “boring show”.

Speaking about his sister and co-author of the song, Louisa, he said that there are similarities and differences between them. He admires his sister and described how their shared their passion in the creation process of the song to make “Amor Pelos Dios” reaching the public.

He doesn’t care if he wins Eurovision or not. He only wants to share his music with the world and become known outside Portugal in countries like Spain and Latin America.



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