Albania 2017: Lindita Halimi visits Montenegro

ALBANIA – The Albanian representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Lindita, is currently in Montenegro promoting her entry “World”.

Speaking to broadcaster RTCG, the Albanian singer says she hopes the audience will understand the message of her song. “I hope they unite, even if it is just for five minutes while I perform”. Her song speaks about equality, universal love and acceptance.

Lindita also said she has made good friends with all the representatives from the region and is confident Montenegrin singer Slavko Kalezić will fare well. “I’m absolutely certain that Slavko will be successful in the competition, because he has an excellent stage performance, he is very talented and is able to catch people’s attention. The audience love him”.

Albania performs fourth in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 9. Montenegro takes to the stage sixth in the same semi. Remember you can support Albania in the’s Europrediction 2017 poll.



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