Belarus 2017: Naviband’s press conference in Minsk

BELARUS – Belarusian representatives, Naviband, spoke to the press today in Minsk at the BTRC conference hall, few days before their arrival in Kyiv for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Regarding their stage presentation, it is already known that a team from Ukraine is organising the performance of the band, directed by Tatyana Ostroverkh as previously reported.

Dmitry Kuryata and Olga Drozdova will help the two amazing singers from Belarus in terms of styling and vocal coaching respectively.

There will be a number of promotional items from Naviband for the press and fans such as booklets, badges, ribbons and even bow-ties with Belarusian ornaments and symbols.

Regarding the use of Belarusian language for Eurovision the band states: “The first question that journalists ask us is about the Belarusian language. We were able to draw attention to the fact that our song is in Belarusian. We are asked to talk about the language, to teach words, and we feel great interest and support.”



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