Eurovision 2017: video update with the stage construction process

Ola Melzig

“As for the process of the stage construction, it is ready at 95%. Stage B, all the video, light and sound are ready, 20 cameras are installed, and tomorrow we will begin to integrate them into one working structure. At night our light and video team works, and they have already completed the programming of light for all countries, except nine, which they should complete tonight”.

Christer Bjorkman

“We will use the arch over the stage in the opening act of the final as the embodiment of the Dnieper River, its shores, we will also see a bead from our logo that will move along the Dnieper River, in another act we will use it to represent the flower wreath. We have many ideas, how to use various elements of the stage. Tomorrow, the first three countries will have stand-in rehearsals, when all the cameras and all equipment will be operating, when all the graphics will for the first time be displayed on a giant screen. Rehearsals will be held for all 42 countries from April 21 to 24. The stand-ins who represent these countries will perform on this stage and all collected material will be submitted for the consideration to the delegations.”



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