Russia 2017: Kremlin, Yulia and HoD react on the crisis

RUSSIA – The Kremlin, the Russian Head of Delegation and singer Yulia Samoylova reacted to the withdrawal of Russia from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Kremlin attacks the EBU

Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, made today the following statement: “We can only express regret that Eurovision organizers have failed to fulfill their own rules and to urge the country that had expressed its willingness to host this contest to observe the principles of the host country as outlined by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).”

Yulia Samoylova speaks to Channel One

“The support is unreal. It’s not just Russia either — it’s from all over the world. In Japan, they draw me like an anime hero! It’s upsetting because it’s my dream, but I believe in hope. I believe I will go to Eurovision again. I want my example to inspire people, to inspire them to not surrender in any situation, live a full life and follow their dreams.”

Russian HoD statement

Russian Head of Delegation Yuri Aksyuta stated: “We cannot participate on the terms that are offered to us. The EBU gave us two options: Film Julia in Moscow remotely and broadcast through satellite or change the participant. The first option is unacceptable because it is a complete violation of the rules and discrimination against the Russian participant. The second option is even worse than offering for Julia to sing remotely. This has been Julia’s dream her whole life. In my opinion the absence of a participant from Russia is very damaging to the reputation of the contest itself and in general for Russian viewers it is an additional reason to not have an interest in this contest.”



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