Banning: well surely Ukraine learned from the best; the Greeks!

EDITORIAL – Banning Russian participant from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is another act of politicising the event, something which is going on for years now as numerous examples can be seen throughout the history of the contest.

It’s not though only the political banning but there is also the issue of freedom of expression. The Ukrainian government’s decision which is clearly not supported by the national broadcaster (at least in open eyes) reminded us the recent incident with the Greek national broadcaster and

It is known for 16 years now that ERT never liked messing around. By messing around we refer to exclusive information leaked on the web and negative comments about the administration of the broadcaster which picked last year when openly asked ERT’s current administration to resign after the dreadful result of group Argo in Stockholm.

It was early March when the producers of the video clip invited our chief editor Fotis Konstantopoulos and accepted also our Swedish editor Martin Hansson to participate in the video clip of “This is love” for Demy’s bid in the Greek national selection. All of us participating in the video clip signed a confidential disclosure not to reveal or speak about the video clip until its official release.

But there was a leak. Checking the footage it was clear that the leak was intentional as the footage could only be available in specific hands. Unlike previous leaks ERT didn’t go after the person who did it. In the leaked version of the clip both Fotis and Martin were shown in the clip participating. But a member of Greek delegation alongside a woman (former ERT employee) liaison of ERT and sponsors vetoed the participation of Fotis, demanding his removal from the final editing.

Unlike Martin, Fotis was an obvious target for ERT’s prejudiced and racist methods. It came to our attention though that the team behind Demy argued in favour of The bad news for ERT and this old blond lady (the name of which we will not reveal for legal reasons) is that is indeed a member of the video clip as Martin is starring in it.

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!


4 Comments on Banning: well surely Ukraine learned from the best; the Greeks!

  1. this article makes perfect sense you are probably the one with linguistic problems ;-) and it’s english proofread

  2. This article makes no sense. Please ask native English speakers to check your articles; they might make sense then.

  3. Exi kani para pola. Parolo pou einai sintaxiouxos apo thn ERT pano apo pente xronia me psemata kai sikofanties exei kanei pera pollous kai exei stisei mia omada pou den anikei sthn ert alla kani oti thelei.

  4. Kai natan mono afto! Se sas den ekane kati spoudeo se sxesh me afto pou ekane se gnosto dhmosiografo tou antenna, pou eixe kanei aithsh na diapoisteftei fetos. Pieze on Antena ena mina mexri na allaxei me dhmosiografo tis epirois tis. Arxika ta katafere. Omos o thigmenos katafere meta apo maxh na pari piso to aima tou.


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