Zurab Alasania the new UA:Перший Chairman, while IEC gets seats from Lviv arena!

photo: UA:Перший

UKRAINE – 7,000 seats have been dismantled from the Lviv Arena, the city arena which bid for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest hosting. Those seats have been transported to Kyiv to become part of the International Exhibition Centre seating plan. The dismantling started on April 8th and concluded today. The seats will be returned to Lviv after the contest.

In the meantime Zurab Alasania has been elected Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster through the elections today by the Supervisory Board of the National Public Television and Radio Company. It took two rounds for the election as in the 2nd round Alasania got 10 votes while Oleh Nalyvayko got 7. In five days Mr Alasania will sign his contract. We remind you that Mr Alasania served as Director General for NTU up to November 1st when he resigned accusing people for delays in the Eurovision 2017 preparations.



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