Family friendly jazz concert with Eurovision star

Talented musician Gréta Salóme performs at jazz lunch concert series Freyjujazz tomorrow in the National Gallery of Iceland. The concert is family friendly and starts at 12:15.

Gréta is one of Iceland’s most beloved singers, best known for participating in the Eurovision song contest. She has over her career tackled most genres of music. She’s a very talented violin player, and played with the Symphony Orchestra. In addition to that she has worked as an entertainer on a Disney cruise ship and has performed and organized Disney themed concert in Iceland. All this and she’s only 30 years old.

This is a jazz concert but will undoubtedly be affected by her experience. Organizer Sunna Gunnlaugsdóttir says there will be many songs familiar to children, though with a bit of a twist that suits the concert theme.

Freyjujazz is a concert series focused on female musicians. “We are creating an opportunity for women to perform, make them more visible in rhythmic music,” says Gunnlaugsdóttir. She is perhaps the most famous female jazz musician in Iceland and wants to open the dialogue between men and women of the field, and to create role models for younger women studying this type of music. Many quit their studies and turn to something else, by creating opportunities for them and offer role models she wants to encourage them to keep on and show that there is a platform for them.

Freyjujazz lunch concert series take place each Tuesday in the National Gallery of Iceland. It’s a beautiful museum in Reykjavik Centre, and there is a lovely little café, perfect to grab lunch before or after the concert.



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