Friday Briefing: Minus One become Minus Two, Russia suspends party and Emmelie sings the UK entry

CYPRUS – The Cypriot power band Minus One are soon to be minus two, as lead singer Francois Micheletto and bass player Antonis Loizides part ways with the group. In the band’s page the message was the following: “It is with sadness that we inform you that our lead singer Francois and our bass player Antonis have decided, for important, but totally unrelated personal reasons, to part ways with the band. Our hearts are with them. They have been two amazing partners on a journey which has lasted 7 years, and which has seen us representing Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, among many other exciting experiences. We will never forget those days. We separate as friends, colleagues, partners. Francois and Antonis will perform all the concerts scheduled until the end of May. Minus One will continue to exist and we look forward to new collaborations. We count on your support and friendship, for many days, months and years more.”

RUSSIA – After several withdrawals from the attending list and the uncertainty with the Russian participation, the organisers of the Moscow party cancel the event. Provisional, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Italy, Moldova and Switzerland were suppose to participate and join the Russian participant in the event. But the crisis between the two rivals (Russia, Ukraine) forced the event into suspension.

DENMARK – Emmelie de Forest, one of the authors for the UK 2017 Eurovision entry “Never Give You Up” released her own version of the song.



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