Eurovision 2017: the latest from the ongoing progress of the preparations

UKRAINE – Some extra information about the red carpet session which will take place on May 7th. The 265 meter long red carpet will be situated at the Constitution Square right by the country’s parliamentary buildings and the Mariyinsky Palace; residence of the country’s president, combining modern and historic Ukraine. The flags of all participants will feature in the area (don’t ask us about the Russian one). Jamala will be there to perform her 1944 winner Eurovision entry and Ruslana will also do the same with her 2004 winner Eurovision entry. In addition, Oleh Skrypka and the band Druha Rika will be performing with folk instruments alongside the National Academic Orchestra of Ukraine.

Head of the National Police of Ukraine confirmed the information that security forces will be increased for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Sergey Knyazev stated that the police are ready for any form of provocations from those who are trying to tarnish the image of the country. Large presence of police, dog handlers and national guard soldiers in Kyiv for the entire Eurovision period. Suspicious individuals will have their documents checked whilst in the city plus that the city of Kyiv is currently installing over 8,000 security cameras.

but there are delays again…

According to the Ukrainian media, preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 are currently running two days behind schedule. reports that the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine has confirmed that preparations for the competition in Kyiv are running 48 hours behind schedule. According to the State Committee preparation for the competition has significantly caught up with the planned schedule since the first meeting of the Organising Committee when the contest was weeks behind schedule. As of April 3 the Ukrainian national broadcaster has carried out 71 tender applications of which 49 have resulted in contracts being signed. A further 12,000 applications to be a volunteer at the competition in Kyiv were received, of which 4,500 were interviewed and now 900 have been selected. Work has begun at the International Exhibition Centre to construct the stage for this years edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. As of last week the first major pieces of equipment were installed in the venue. While work was underway in creating the lighting rigs for the stage as well as creating the electricity infrastructure to support the contest. (source:

Another wave of tickets are going to go on sale on April 10, with just over a month to go until the final of Eurovision 2017. Tickets for all of the shows for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 are set to go on sale next Monday. Tickets will be available to purchase via, those interested in going to the contest are being advised to look at tickets for the rehearsals instead of the live shows due to the demand. Those attending the contest with children are being recommended to consider attending an afternoon rehearsal for the semi finals or the final instead of the live shows due to its earlier start time. Tickets for the rehearsals are significantly cheaper than for the live shows. For those wishing to attend the live shows, it is advised that they do not purchase tickets from secondary websites due to the risk of fakes.

With five weeks left until the three live shows, Host Broadcaster UA:PBC announces Alex Worrall and Tim Telling as script writers for the hosts of this year’s contest. The two highly experienced script writers will work closely with show producer Stuart Barlow to set the tone for the three live shows, which are expected to reach a combined audience of some 200 million people.

and an extra for this post: Croatia now has a video clip!



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