Ukrainian broadcaster answers to the EBU

photo: EuroMedia

UKRAINE – UA:PBC Supervisory Board members have learned the content of the letter of Ingrid Deltenre, Director General of European Broadcasting Union, to Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman. Supervisory Board members have especially noticed the direct threat that UA:PBC “might be excluded from future events” (presumably future Eurovision Song Contests) if Russian singer Julia Samoylova will not be permitted to enter Ukraine for participation in Eurovision-2017.

Since the letter of Ms. Deltenre directly concerns and contains a threat of punishment of UA:PBC, which currently makes preparations for the best possible organization of this year’s Eurovision Song Contests, and simultaneously implements the most important reform in order to create a full-fledged system of Ukrainian public broadcasting, UA:PBC Supervisory Board members would like to declare the following:

  1. Ukraine, represented by UA:PBC (formerly NTCU, NRCU) is a long-term member of European Broadcasting Union, active and law-abiding participant of the Eurovision Song Contest. Ukrainian singers won the contest twice, thus gaining the honourable right to host the next contest. We also accentuate the fact that Ukrainians, as participants of the Eurovision Song Contest, always respected the laws and regulations of the host country.

  2. By visiting Crimea without permission of Ukrainian authorities, Julia Samoylova has violated the sovereignty and laws of Ukraine. Except Russian Federation, no other country represented in EBU by its public broadcasters have any grounds to contest this assessment of Julia Samoylova’s actions, since no European country has recognized Crimea as a part of Russian Federation.

  3. We fully share the negative feelings of EBU members regarding the fact, “that this year’s competition is being used as tool in the ongoing confrontation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine”. However, we are surprised that Director General of EBU expresses her relevant “frustration” and “anger” to Ukrainian, not Russian, party. This essentially contradicts Ms. Deltenre’s statement about the “non-political” essence of the Eurovision Song Contest, since Ms. Deltenre, in fact, sides with Russian Federation in the political provocation staged by the Russian side. The requirement to revoke the decision of Security Service of Ukraine, resolved within the limits of its legal competence, as well as the idea that Security Service of Ukraine should consult with EBU prior to resolve its decisions, might be qualified as an interference into Ukraine’s internal affairs that exceeds both the authority of EBU and the goals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

  4. UA:PBC is a member of EBU and completely shares the basic values of democratic Europe, public service and public broadcasting. However, exactly due to these values, in the situation under discussion UA:PBC cannot ignore the interests of Ukrainian society, nor distance itself from the Ukrainian state when it defends its territorial integrity. On the other hand, we perceive the threats to punish UA:PBC for the actions of Ukrainian state related to violation of its laws as contradicting both the basic democratic values and the position of EU and world community regarding the current Ukrainian-Russian confrontation.

  5. We urge Ms. Deltenre and, in her person, EBU in general to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, to refrain from making EBU an instrument of amplification of extraneous political manipulations, and not to hamper, by such statements, the normal and smooth organization of Eurovision Song Contest, both this year and in the future. We urge also to avoid threats regarding possible expulsion of Ukraine from the Eurovision Song Contest.



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