Russian pranksters ridicule the EBU once again

RUSSIA – The famous Russian pranksters seems to have called the EBU’s General Director Ingrid Deltenre and discussed the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 crisis. The pranksters pretended to be the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and EBU revealed that there is an emergency back up plan to move the contest to Berlin.

The prank presents according to the Russian media Mr Deltenre saying that it’s the first time a host country bans a participant asking the alleged PM to delay the penalties to Yulia Samoylova, urging the country to see that press will deal with this issue instead of the event itself.

The EBU denied the move of the contest to Berlin as David Goodman said to the press that hosting the event in Ukraine is a top priority. Ms Deltenre said to the prankster that she and EBU would allow Ukrainian limitation to the delegation number and movements.

EBU though responded that potential move of the contest would have been a logistical nightmare not only for the organises but also for the fans, media representatives and visitors who already booked their trips. In any case a small studio would have been chosen instead of a large venue and of course the major Berlin arenas are already booked for the Eurovision dates.



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