Greece 2017: dark horse alert!


GREECE – We have seen the video clip of the song, we have seen her performing during a fashion show, we have seen her rehearsing with her backing vocals but tonight was the night we for the first time show Demy performing “This is love” on a live prime time show and … it she was amazing!

It seems that the “Princess of Greek pop” is enjoying the huge success of her song in Greece since she was confident on stage while during her interview she revealed that she is really happy with the fact that “This is love” is the first Greek entry after 2005 that managed to enter the top 10 airplay chart 6 weeks before the contest.

Demy today is also on the cover page of the Greek edition of People magazine revealing that she is not going to be wearing a red dress on Eurovision stage.

What remains to be seen is if Greece is the dark horse of Eurovision 2017? If the crowd in IEC in Kiev react as the audience in the studio tonight then definitely she is!


4 Comments on Greece 2017: dark horse alert!

  1. Why is this amazing she is only miming, nothing special to me!

  2. Top 3 for sure.Great song and singer.

  3. Did you understand she is the dark horse from all the lip-synching she did? Let’s hear her live first.

  4. Dark horse? Are you crazy? hahaha
    This song is horribly dated! Don’t try to make Greece happen this year


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