Oleksandr Kharebin: I do not exclude that eventually several countries may withdraw under Russian pressure

UKRAINE – Oleksandr Kharebin, Former Executive producer of the Eurovision 2017, interviewed in DW and presented the necessary documents to the media outlet showing that EBU cannot sanction Ukraine as there is no clause for not allowing any of the contestants participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oleksandr Kharebin: “There are no legal grounds for punishing Ukraine for not allowing one of the participants, because Ukraine is guided solely by its state interests. EBU is a commercial company registered in Switzerland. It’s strange that from there we are reminded of commercial agreements that should prevent Ukraine from fulfilling its state functions.”

For him, European Broadcasting Union has to represent the national broadcasters and their interest. But since Eurovision Song Contest is a commercial and profitable event for all members he estimates that EBU cannot afford to lose the Russian money.

Until March 30th there is no indication that any of the participating countries are willing to withdraw if the issue with Yulia Samoylova hasn’t resolved but it can happen under the Russian pressure, he estimates.

UA:PBC: Eurovision will not be allowed to be used for political purposes

Acting head of the board of UA:PBC Hanna Bychok stated today to regional press of Ukraine that her country will not allow the prestigious music event to be used for political purposes. She emphasised that the past few weeks the organising team is working full time under excellent coordination for the final preparations of the event.

“We note the high level of coherence between the organizers, city authorities, responsible representatives of ministries, as a result of which we manage to quickly solve any problematic issues. The city promised to do its utmost to accelerate preparations of the infrastructure for the contest”, says Bychok.

She also believes that Russian and some European media try to disgrace the image of Ukraine as a host country something which cannot be achieved as already the demand for accommodation in Kyiv to attend the event has been significantly increased, showing the demand and dedication of those wanting to come to the country and attend the event.

The broadcaster and the organising team will make sure that under the current Ukrainian laws, Eurovision Song Contest will not turn into a victim of political games.


1 Comment on Oleksandr Kharebin: I do not exclude that eventually several countries may withdraw under Russian pressure

  1. I think EBU, Oikotimes and others should stop playing in putin’s games, because such games always ends up only with the feeling of desolation…


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