The ten favourite songs by music experts in Paris Match

photo: Fotis Konstantopoulos / MAD TV /

FRANCE – One of the leading and most reliable weekly magazine in France, Paris Match, has decided to dedicate a whole article to this year’s contest on its website. Music experts from the publication took time to listen to the 43 entries and have selected their 10 favourites candidates to win the trophy on May 13th (making a few comments)

#01 France “a romantic pop act”
#02 Italy “already everyone’s favourite”
#03 Australia “a country that knows how to seduce the audience”, “an efficient romantic ballad delivered with a powerful voice”
#04 Sweden “electropop act with simple lyrics”, “a great physique to attract the audience”
#05 Bulgaria “an angel’s voice”
#06 Portugal “an hypnotic performance”, “touching shyness of the singer”, “great vocal mastery”
#07 Romania “original”, “a catchy tune”, “easy to notice in the line-up”
#08 Belgium “a modern pop act”, “a delicate voice”
#09 Moldova “can count on the epic sax guy once again”
#10 FYR Macedonia “a nice dance tune”

What do you think of this fortune telling exercise? Anyhow, time will tell if Paris Match is actually clairvoyant…



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