Austria 2017: Nathan Trent storms Europe with promo tour

AUSTRIA – As a great warmup for the Eurovision Song Contest in May, several countries will host their traditional preview party where Nathan is going to perform his song „Running On Air” in the various capitals.

First stop is London: On Sunday,April 2nd, Nathan will perform live at the „Café de Paris“ together with other Eurovision artists including the guest acts and former ESC winners Conchita and Ruslana. It’s going to be the 10th anniversary of London’s Eurovision party and Nathan is very excited about his first performance on an international stage he states: “I’m very honored to be invited to this great show and can’t wait to sing my song in London. I’m sure, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience!”.

You can support the Austrian entry by voting for Nathan Trent in the’s Europrediction 2017 poll

After London, Nathan will be traveling to Tel Aviv to attend the event “Israel Calling”. More than 25 acts from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest have been confirmed to attend at the event, which will take place from April 3rd to 6th. The artists are planned to stay in Israel for a four-day excursion, accompanying them through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Herzliya. The live concert will be on April 5th.

On April 8th, Amsterdam will be the host city with its 9th edition of “Eurovision in Concert”. Fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on this show’s tickets, as it has been sold out within 30 minutes! The 28 confirmed acts will perform in front of a big crowd in Melkweg, one of most renowned music venues in the Dutch capital.

Last, but not least, Nathan will head to Madrid on April 15 to attend the first Eurovision Spain ESC Pre-Party. It will take place at the „Sala La Riviera”, which has a capacity for 1,800 people and is one of the most well-known venues in the Spanish Capital. With its 50 years history, the venue hosted some of the biggest names in the Spanish and in the international music scene. Nathan is thrilled to meet the Spanish Eurofans next month and very excited to be able to visit so many different cities!


April 2nd: London Eurovision Party, London
April 3rd to April 6: Isreal Calling, Tel Aviv (concert on April 5th)
April 8th: Eurovision in Concert, Amsterdam
April 15th: Eurovision Spain Pre-Party



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