Russian / EBU relations once again in tension

RUSSIA – In a recent interview Eurovision Reference Group Chairman Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling discussed several issues about the Eurovision Song Contest such as the BIG 5 system, the participation of Australia and potential international entries and of course the issue with Yulia Samoilova as reported earlier today.

In that interview Mr Freiling said that Russian national broadcaster has not booked their accommodation for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Few moments ago Russian tabloid, reported that Channel One seems to have answered to that statement saying that 30 rooms already booked in prestigious and fashionable hotels in Kyiv through the official booking system of the EBU without though mentioning the date when they did that.

It is no secret that in the Yulia Samoilova crisis despite Ukrainian allegations towards Russia, Moscow always responds in a way which avoids the name of host country, Ukraine, and blaming the European Broadcasting Union for the mess.

It is not the first time Russian / EBU relations are in tension as in 2014 Russian broadcaster was seriously upset when EBU released in the press an answered letter to Russia regarding the law against homosexual propaganda in Russia, mentioning that the country hasn’t respond to them something which was proven by photos of the answering letter by Russia few hours later.



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