Get your pop corn: Eurovision is coming to town!

FRANCE – Eurovision fever is definitely spreading all over the « Hexagone » this year. While this year’s French entry is highly promoted on French media and the interest in the contest has been growing bigger and bigger since Amir’s participation (and good result) last year, it seems that the contest is taken to another dimension in France.

Indeed, it was revealed today that, for the first time ever in 62 years, the contest Grand Final will be shown not only on TV but also in cinemas!

The movie theatres chain CGR Cinémas has decided, together with Warner France and FranceTélévisions, to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest in all its theatres on May 13th.

For 8€, the French audience will be able to gather in each one of the 39 CGR Multiplexes to enjoy the show on a giant screen. Moreover, each ticket holder will be offered a collector postcard with Alma’s autograph!

So if you cannot fly to Kiev but wanna enjoy the fun with fellow Euro fans, just head to a CGR Multiplex near you. What a brilliant idea “made in France”!



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