Belarusian participants under Ukrainian choreographer’s directions

BELARUS – The Belarussian entrants this year are working hard on their preparation for Eurovision. Band NAVI has decided to ask Tatyana Ostroverkh to be in charge of the staging of their entry “Historyja Majho Žyccia”.

The Ukrainian choreographer is no stranger to Eurovision since she was already involved with previous performances including the 2013 Ukraine act by Zlata Ognevich (remember the giant bringing the singer on stage?…).

The first idea of Tatyana is to focus on the Belarussian duo only, and even make them fly on stage. Last year already, even if he did not qualify, the Belarussian singer Ivan gave an impressive performance with holograms and wolves on stage…

Moreover, it was also announced that Mister Eurovision Cyprus, that is to say Alex Panayi, will be the coach of the four backing vocalist.

Well, with their fresh, ethnic and original entry, Belarussians really want to conquer the stage this year!



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