Jan Lagermand Lundme speaks about political challenges in Eurovision

DENMARK – DR Head of Entertainment Mr Jan Lagermand Lundme is satisfied with the way the European Broadcasting Union is handling the whole mess with the political challenges in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and re affirms his country’s participation in the event but he is surely troubled about all this.

Speaking to DR he said that Eurovision is practically unbearable when it faces political challenges: “It is practically unbearable. I know that the EBU takes it very seriously, they should take no shit. The justification for that Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest is of course that we have a place where we can meet across borders and differences. It is clear that I am concerned on behalf of the Danish TV viewers. We must demand to get some decent TV shows. I know how much it takes, and I hear that there is a long way to go. There will certainly be a show, but we do not know how it is. It suggests that things are a bit out of control. I hope I am wrong, and the beauty of the Eurovision is ​​of course that it is different from country to country.”



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