EBU proposes ban for Yulia to be activated after Eurovision

photo: Fotis Konstantopoulos /

SWITZERLAND – European Broadcasting Union’s Mr Jon Ola Sand has come up with a new proposal to the Ukrainian government regarding the banning of Yulia Samooilova from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest due o violation of the Ukrainian law upon her visit in Crimea.

Mr Jon Ola Sand proposed to delay the ban of the singer until after the contest. He also admitted that several broadcaster already approached the organisers to discuss potential solution.

Jon Ola Sand says: But here we are in a situation where for the first time in Eurovision Song Contest history has a participant who may not get the opportunity to travel to Ukraine. And so we must find a solution which means that we can offer an opportunity for the Russian participant and not let politics get in the way of it.

Ukrainian government already rejected the satellite performance of Yulia as first alternative, which was also rejected by Russian broadcaster.

Regarding the comments about the political meaning of last year’s Eurovision winner entry “1944: Mr Sand said: “the song can be put in a political context, but it can be everything. It is a reference to an actual incident in the Crimea during World War II, and it’s a song that we do not then or today see as a political contribution.”



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