Turmoil continues: Ukrainian DPM rejects EBU proposal

UKRAINE – Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine tweeted the government’s rejection to the EBU proposal to present remotely via satellite the Russian performance in the second semi final. He still urges as the only solution for Russia to replace their artist.

The Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Jon Ola Sand added:
It is imperative that the Eurovision Song Contest remains free from politics and as such, due to the circumstances surrounding Julia’s travel ban, we have felt it important to propose a solution that transcends such issues.
Yesterday the Ukrainian Security Agency ruled that Yulia cannot enter Ukraine for the next three years. The decision was taken following a performance in 2015 by the singer in Kerch, Crimea. Channel One the broadcaster in charge of Russian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 has not yet responded publicly to the European Broadcasting Union’s offer. In the 62 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest, a host nation has never banned another country’s participant from attending the event.



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