Andrey Danilko is unhappy over the Ukrainian decision, claims Russian press

photo: Farouk Vallette / for

UKRAINE – In talks with a Russian newspaper, Andrey Danilko, best known to Eurofans as Verka Sarduchka, commented about the situation surrounding Julia Samoilova just before the singer was forbidden from entering Ukraine to take part in Eurovision 2017.

Andrey is unhappy over the decision, claiming that the singer poses no security risk for the country.

“Politicians should see this as an act of human tolerance and decency…she did enter the country without the official Ukrainian documentation but she did it to represent people like herself, to tell her own personal story. She isn’t going to Ukraine with a weapon, she’s going with a song”.

These words seem to have fallen on deaf ears, as Ukraine went ahead and forbade Julia from entering the Ukraine and therefore being unable to take part in this year’s Eurovision, at least for now. If it’s confirmed that Julia will not take part in Kiev 2017, then neither Channel One nor RTR will transmit the Eurovision Song Contest.



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