Press-secretary of the Security Service of Ukraine Olena Hitlyanska: no investigation on Armenia

UKRAINE – Ukrainian press-secretary of the Security Service of Ukraine Olena Hitlyanska spoke today about the latest developments with Russia and Armenia.

She clarifies that there are no documented reports that Armenian entrant violated the Ukrainian laws or proof she visited Crimea after the area annexed by Russia.

She admitted that the security service is trying to investigate all participants in order to be fair to everyone but it’s not easy to physically check them all, unless there are considerable suspicions.

Ms Hitlyanska of course blames Russian media for exaggerating and escalating the tension between the two countries. Regarding Russia she said they have established a report with proves which force the Ukrainian government to not allow her entering the country.

Vice-Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko suggests Russia to replace the artist with another person who’s not in the Ukrainian black list. Speaking about the EBU, he said that EBU should not persuade Ukraine to change it’s mind but to persuade Russia to change artist!



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