Israel Calling 2017: the mini Eurovision event underway

ISRAEL – At the beginning of April, for the second consecutive year, following the great success of “Israel Calling 2016”, the majority of 2017 Eurovision Song Contest participants will arrive to Israel and take part in a promo campaign between the dates 3-6 of April.

The project, initiated and produced by Tali Eshkoli, is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, The Jewish National Fund, Herzliya Municipality, “StandWithUs” organization and of course – Tel Aviv Municipality – the host city.

The artists will arrive to Israel for four days and will travel throughout Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Herzliya. They will hold a press conference with the local and foreign media, plant trees in the “Eurovision Song Contest forest” at the “President’s Forest” as part of the 115th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund.

The highlight of the event will be on Wednesday, April 5, where a live show will be held for the audience and local and international media, at the “Theater Club”. All the artists will perform their song for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tali Eshkoli, initiator and producer of the project: “We are delighted to realize that this huge amount of Eurovision artists confirmed their arrival to the event and we are excited to know that they are waiting for their upcoming visit to Israel. All of them are waiting for exposing themselves and their songs to the Israeli audience, local and international media. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the artists and journalists to come to Israel, enjoy from their stay and show the world its beautiful features, its landscapes, sites and people.”

The artists will be accompanied by senior journalists from their home countries, including crews from various broadcasting authorities, a TV crew from Eurovision.TV (EBU) and leading bloggers covering the Eurovision Song Contest. Over 25 countries have already confirmed their arrival in Israel! The full list of participants will be published gradually over the next few days on social networks – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter



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