Ukraine escalates tension with Russia – note to organisers: you do realise you spoil all the fun, right?

photo: Fotis Konstantopoulos /

INTERFAX.COM.UA REPORTS – Ukraine’s SBU Security Service has prepared a decision on the entry ban to Ukraine of Russian singer Yulia Samoilova, who earlier visited Russia-occupied Crimea and intends to participate in the Eurovision 2017 song contest that will be held in Kyiv in May. “The document on the entry ban has been prepared,” SBU head Vasyl Hrytsak told journalists in Kyiv on Monday.

The story so far

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) will check the reliability of information about possible visits of Russian singer Yulia Samoilova to Crimea, occupied by Russia, and will decide on her admission or non-admission to Ukraine after that. “The SBU will check and make a well-considered decision,” SBU’s spokesperson Olena Hytlianska said in her commentary to the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Monday. Later on her Facebook page, Hytlianska said that the position of SBU “will be based solely on the norms of Ukrainian legislation and the interests of national security.” She also promised that the results will be additionally announced. Russia will be represented by 27-year-old Yulia Samoilova at Eurovision-2017 in Kyiv, who has the first group of disability since childhood after an unsuccessful vaccination against poliomyelitis and she moves on a wheelchair. “On June 27, 2015, Samoilova performed in the occupied Kerch with Gazmanov and Lolita […] Actually, the SBU doesn’t allow such artists to perform in Ukraine,” the head of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs project Andriy Klymenko wrote on his Facebook page.

Russian reaction

Russian President press secretary is reported to have said that there are no reactions for the moves of the Ukrainian organisers and there are no plans to replace the Eurovision participant.

Politics rule in Eurovision 2017! congrats!


6 Comments on Ukraine escalates tension with Russia – note to organisers: you do realise you spoil all the fun, right?

  1. I totally agree with Fotis – Eurovision and politics don’t match. But that’s exactly what Russia is doing: playing dirty political games, using ESC to provoke the Ukraine. All that Ukraine is doing is following their law, which had been violated by the Russian singer and which had been very well known by the Russian broadcaster. And by the way, would anybody like to be robbed and terrorized by it’s neighbour and then welcome that neighbour with open arms? Isn’t the Ukrainian reaction more than understable?!

  2. Only EBU has a right to decide who can perform, not state security. Ukraine has started first with propaganda song last year and it was provcation from Ukraine. EBU should have banned that song at first place and we would not have these problems now.

  3. the answer is simple dear: EUROVISION and politics don’t match. Unless politics are out of eurovision you will get this kind of posts. end of story and discussion .-

  4. Why the hell you always support the Russian aggressor??? If anybody spoils the fun here it’s Russia who defenitely nominated Yulia Samoilova on purpose because they expteceted what would happen and try to use it for their propaganda now. The Russian broadcaster and also the singer knew exactly that they where breaking the Ukrainian law by entering the occupied territory. The Ukraine does have all the rights not to welcome people to their country who disrespect their laws and borders! Russia can’t just get away with every provocation. It would have been the best for them to stay at home in the first place!!!

  5. what do you mean with “spoling all the fan” ?

  6. Congrats to you too! Respect our country:)))


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