Portugal 2017: Salvador Sobral will not be seen until Kyiv but health is not the issue

PORTUGAL – Confusion created after Portuguese tabloid reported a heart problem for the 2017 Portuguese representative. The rumour is now officially denied by Ana Paulo, Salvador’s manager saying: “I have nothing more to say about that. He is recovering well from hernia surgery. Eurovision is not at risk and neither is Salvador’s career. Almost every single concert is sold out.” There was a small surgical problem when Salvador participated in the national final with RTP confirming timings for his participation. Local press though continued the rumours and speculations.

yesterday’s report

Portuguese Eurovision representative, Salvador Sobral appears to be unwilling to take part in any of the warm-up Eurovision shows scheduled before Kiev. According to sources close to the singer, although he was invited to take part in Amsterdam, Israel and Madrid, it appears that he has turned down all overtures in order to concentrate solely on Kiev in an attempt to win the contest. In order to be in perfect health, it is expected that Sobral will take a break before Kiev and focus entirely on his song “Amar Pelos Dois” which he has recently promoted via an interview for EBU. Sobral has also published the official video for the song which appears to have been well received with over 200,000 viewers to date and will shortly be recording the postcard for Kiev. However it appears that Salvador Sobral will not be promoting his song until the semifinals in Kiev. (source: escportugal.pt.vu)

the fake story

According to close family sources, the Portuguese representative for Eurovision 2017, Salvador Sobral is in need of a heart transplant. It appears that he has been suffering from heart problems for some time and his appearance onstage is to hide a machine which keeps his heart stable, something which needs to be with him on a daily basis. The timescale for a possible transplant is affected by the need for a donor but would need to be undertaken before the end of the year. Salvador is still expected to take part in Kiev but has cancelled all engagements prior to the semifinals, something slightly unusual with major events in Amsterdam, Madrid and London seen as an opportunity to showcase the song. (source: Flash)