Operación triunfo returns to TVE

SPAIN – TVE has decided to bring back the programme which was the focal point of it’s Eurovision selection process for several years, Operación Triunfo (Fame Academy). The programme which TVE gave up on in 2004 after running for 3 successful years is returning to TVE screens.

The programme was shown on rival channel, Telecinco from 2005 until 2011 with mediocre audiences but it has now been confirmed as returning to TVE. The producers of the programme, Josep María Mainat and Toni Cruz, who own the rights to the programme in Spain are negotiating with Endemol, the company behind the programme to bring Operación Triunfo to TVE.

Preparations for the studio are already underway and it appears that TVE have approved the return of the programme although there is no knowledge if this means that the programme will form the basis for the Eurovision national final next year (2018).

Recently TVE screened a special of OT: El Reencuentro, aimed at showing key moments of the programme from 2001-2004, which was well received and it seems that has prompted the channel to revive the programme.

The main concern would be funding, as TVE is no longer in a position to spend the amounts of money it once did, although it’s unlikely that the programme will be presented in the same format as it was previously.



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