Greece 2017: revamped chorus and lyrics for Demy’s #eurovision entry

GREECE – Hours before the HoD meeting the record company of Demy, Panik records, uploaded on their youtube a new version of the song with the production in the chorus and the musical part being revamped. We also noticed that two lines on the chorus have been changed.Last night, Demy herself left a hint on her instagram account that Pavlos Manolis, from Playmen group worked on the new version of the song.

One week after its release “This is love” is already a hit in Greece since all major radio stations have picked up the song, it has archived more than 1.000.000 views and it remains at the top 20 of iTunes chart. What remains to be seen if the “Greek dream team” and stage director Fokas Evangelinos will bring Greece back to the top 10