Russia 2017: despite all odds, RTR announce participation

RUSSIA – With the rumour mill going strong concerning a possible Russian withdrawal because of politics, some were already in tears (while others were celebrating actually). Well, tonight, during the “Vremya”show, this suspense has come to an end.

Russian national broadcaster ORT will eventually send an entry to Kyiv. As on every uneven year (when ORT is in charge of Russia participation), the entry will be a strong ballad, perform by a female soloist. The song is called “Flame Is Burning”and is performed by Yulia Samoilova. A strong anthemic balad, a former talent show contestant, well, it seems that like in every year ORT is in charge of Russian participation the very same recipe has been used.

Yulia is a singer in a wheelchair that moved all Russia when she took part to a famous talent show. A melacholic song about peace after dark days, a physically challenged artist performing in Ukraine… well it appears that Russia has decided to avoid booing at any cost…