Lithuania 2017: Fusedmarc win the ticket to Kyiv


Fusedmarc have raised the standard for Lithuanian music to European level immediately after their appearance in 2004. In 2005 they were called the Breakthrough of the Lithuanian Alternative scene, in 2007 Fusedmarc was acclaimed as the Best Experimental music band, and 2008 brought them the award in the Best Lithuanian Electronic Band category. Today the band has developed its own style and is certainly an indicator for new music creators. Work of Fusedmarc is not an experiment but a fusion of maturity, true emotions, and inspiring energy. Every concert is a unique audiovisual experience, a no-compromise combination of different musical genres, bold arrangements, unpredictable vocal explosions and conceptual video installations.

From the very beginning, Fusedmarc music was focused on a wider range of listeners. The group soon became the main Lithuanian export to serious foreign multimedia festivals. Besides the Baltic countries, the band has visited Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Greece. Apart from live performances, the group also can be proud of a virtual EP Contraction, the official music video Sign, contemporary dance and music collaboration in Ebriatum performance, audiovisual project Waft with folk ensemble “Trys Keturiose”. The band also supervises Subject multimedia festival. The biggest advantage of Fusedmarc is the pursuit of completeness, integrity, and excellence.


Artist Song Jury Public Total
4 Fusedmarc “Rain of Revolution” 1
5 Aistė Pilvelytė “I’m Like a Wolf” 2
7 Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė “Love Shadow” 3
6 Gytis Ivanauskas “Get Frighten” 4
2 Gabrielius Vagelis “Feel Myself Free” 5
3 Greta Zazza “Like I Love You” 6
1 Paula “Let U Go” 7

2 Comments on Lithuania 2017: Fusedmarc win the ticket to Kyiv

  1. Great winner!! 🇱🇹💛💚❤️😊🎤🎶ツ


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