Russia 2017: mystery whether HoD will attend the meeting on Monday!

RUSSIA – Pavlo Shylko, the Ukrainian Spokesperson for Eurovision 2017, thinks that Russia is unlikely to attend Monday’s Head of Delegations meeting in Kyiv, speaking to the Ukrainian press today. There are no bookings for accommodation by the Russian delegation yet, something that rises considerations to the organisers, EBU and of course the fans that Russia will withdraw.

what happens if…

Many of you wondered in various forum boards what will happen if the Russian broadcaster withdraws. The country will still have to pay the participation fee as they agreed within the deadline to participate. Is that a big issue for a country like Russia? Well I personally don’t think they give a damn for the money.

It will also be similar case to what happened with Lebanon in 2005, when the state television of the arabic state withdraw feel weeks before the contest after failing to comply with the EBU rules on the Israeli song broadcast, which coincidently happened again in a Kyiv Eurovision edition! The same happened with Armenia which withdrew in 2012 when Azerbaijan hosted the event paying participation fee along with a 50% plus fine.