Dinah Nah faces prison time after slapping a police officer

SWEDEN – Dinah Nah, Melodifestivalen participant, is charged for assaulting a police officerDinah Nah, 36, is charged with suspicion of assaulting a police officer. She is suppose to attack an officer on February 27th in the early hours at a nightclub.

The officer testified, according to Expressen.se that he didn’t allow Dinah Nah to enter the club, an argument which turned into aggressive actions.

Dinah Nah confirms the news but she didn’t want to talk about it to the press describing it as a crap geeky thing. It seems though that according to the singer, the bodyguards at the club attacked her first causing her bruises and pushed her back. It was then when Dinah Nah slapped the police officer.

Police officer asked 5,000 SEK for damages and the city prosecutor, Tobias Ericsson seeks sanctions against Dinah Nah, including prison time.