Rupture in the EBU – San Marino relations

SAN MARINO – It is reported today that there is a serious rupture in the European Broadcasting Union and San Marino state television relations. This is the outcome of their debate regarding the way San Marino delivers “tele voting” in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Originally San Marino, upset with the way “tele voting” by pre-decided and unknown to the public group of countries delivered in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, SMRTV proposed some alternative ideas to solve this so the country delivers valid votes, which will represent them.

The SMRTV proposal made in November and yesterday EBU decided to respond. The answer was negative, after a vote in the Reference Group. Though, EBU called for a discussion of the issue on Monday at the meeting of the Heads of Delegation in Kyiv but only if there is available time for it.

San Marino’s response was strong: “Our Head of Delegation will be very busy and will not have time to talk about it”. Therefore on Monday we will find out if there will be a total clash with unknown consequences or if there will be a deal.



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