Eurovision 2017: Sergii Proskurnia appointed as the creative director

UKRAINE – Just a few weeks before the opening of Eurovision week in Ukrainian capital city, the organizing team is still being completed…

It was revealed that famous director and producer Sergii Proskurnia, who was already involved in Kiev’s bid to host the contest some months ago, has become the creative director of Eurovision 2017.

As such, the man will be in charge of the artistic presentation of the event (Red Carpet and Opening ceremonies, Eurovillage, Euroclub… to name a few). He will also be responsible of all Eurovision events occurring all over the city for 2 weeks.

The director declared: “Eight months ago, I realized that we would have to get down to work actively, and we should take the maximum from the organization of such an international forum in our country. I’m very glad to join this large-scale project.”.

Let’s wish him good luck on making Eurovision week an unforgettable experience for the thousands of journalists and fans who will gather in Kiev from late April!



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