Greece 2017: throwback 20 days ago at the video clip shooting

GREECE – In a few hours we will know the song which will represent Greece in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Under confidentiality closure we are now allowed to report on the video shooting of the song “This is Love” by Dimitris Kontopoulos performed by Demy.

It was February 14th, Valentine’s Day when around 20 people attended in the very centre of Athens the video shooting of the specific song. Among them myself and my best friend. The concept of the video is to show the diversity of various Greek people and some actions of them (more on the video clip soon to be aired by ERT).

The video shooting took place with an amazing team and we would like to thank Tzou, Yannis and Manos for their excellent and professional collaboration. In the video clip the shooting of which lasted for many many hours there are various faces presented: wild, gay, straight, coloured, drag and more.

Demy herself arrived around noon and started preparations for her video shooting session which lasted also for hours! The outcome seems t be amazing but you will all judge in a few moments via ERT, links for lifestream of which is available at

True definition of celebrating diversity.

We kindly asked those participating in the clip to say a few words about their experience. Martin from Sweden says: “We have come so far to know that Greece is ready to show that love is love. Love is not something that has to do with sexual orientation or the color of the skin. We all need to know and understand that love is something beautiful and should be respected. I think it’s important to send this message that we are ready to show the world that we accept love and diversity. In all its shapes and forms that it comes in. No one should ever have to hide, be denied or be ashamed to show and feel love. We must put our differences aside and move forward since love don’t ask why. With this said, love is just love. We all should shine like stars because all of us are beautiful and unique no matter what other people say or do. I am so proud to have been a part of this really important message, because at the end of the day it’s just love. Love is something we all should cherish and not have to compromise about. Love is clean and beautiful. The video shooting gave me a lot of emotions and thoughts. I learned so much about other people, that we all are so different but at the same time we are still exactly the same. We are connected is so many different ways despite our differences.”

Our beloved member of, Zackie Oh says: “I think we still have a long way ti go for true acceptance and equality but we are making progress. It was great to be part of a video that endorses diversity and a lot of fun shooting it. Zackie Oh!”

Our chief editor, also participant in the video clip, Fotis Konstantopoulos says: “A great experience as a member of the Eurovision and LGBT community. Being part of the Eurovision experience and most likely success next May in Kyiv but also showing that we should all feel proud of our choices and actions.”

Don’t miss the show

Tonight at 21:00 CET via ERT1 and you can watch the three video clips and vote for the best. Tele voting revenues will be given for charity while 70% of the final decision will be made by the public and 30% by diaspora jury voting. During the show Sergey Lazarev and other Russian superstars will wish Demy the very best of luck.

*after writing this piece, there was a leak of the video and it was known to all of us that there will be drastic changes in the editing of the final version of the clip, so we are not aware of what ERT allowed to be aired in the end.