Belarus 2017: listen to the final version of “Historyja majho žyccia”

This is how the song will sound in May from the stage in Kyiv. For the contest song has been re-recorded in the studio in Minsk. For this folk sound the musicians have used live instruments. The final track, in contrast to the national final version, features violin and duda instrument. The digital release of the single on iTunes will take place tomorrow, on 7 March.

Alongside the new arrangement Navi Band have presented the logo of the Belarusian delegation at the contest. The logo was drawn by hand and digitized by the Belarusian designer Maria Lis. In it, she united the corporate style of the band and the Belarusian ornament: Earth and Sun. Also, the slogan with which the Belarusian delegation will go to the contest in Kyiv has been presented “#NaviBand from #BelarusLand”. Official hashtag for their journey is: #Heyheyhayayayayo

Now the musicians have started daily vocal lessons and work on the production of the stage performance.



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