Romania 2017: Ilinca ft. Alex to Kyiv

ROMANIA – The final took place on 5 March 2017, at Studioul Pangratti, in Bucharest, and hosted by Iuliana Tudor and Dan Helciug, while Ioana Voicu was in the greenroom correspondent. The winner determined solely by the public vote. Guest performers for the final included Manel Navarro, SunStroke Project and Timebelle along with ABBA tribute band Arrival. Ilinca ft. Alex won the ticket to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


Order Artist Song Televote Place
2 Ilinca feat. Alex Florea “Yodel It!” 10377 1
5 MIHAI “I Won’t Surrender” 5201 2
8 Instinct “Petale” 3763 3
6 Maxim feat. Nicolae Voiculeț “Adu-ți aminte” 2800 4
4 Xandra “Walk On By” 2556 5
10 Cristina Vasiu “Set the Skies on Fire” 2222 6
9 Ramona Nerra “Save Me” 2102 7
3 Eduard Santha “Wild Child” 1331 8
7 Tavi Colen & Emma “We Own the Night” 1128 9
1 Ana-Maria Mirică “Spune-mi tu” 913 10


About Ghassan Al Kaziri (UAE) (832 Articles)
For many years I was living in Denmark, it was back in 2000 when I met and loved the Eurovision Song Contest. Thousands of miles away from Europe now, I am still a dedicated fan of the contest and proud to be a member of


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