Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić films video clip for ‘Space’

MONTENEGRO – Filming for “Space” the 2017 Montenegrin entry in the Eurovision Song Contest is filmed. Slavko Kalezić said: “It will be an energetic one, and, most important, the focus will be on what I do as an artist, my art habits,” said Kalezić for TV Montenegro on the making of the video.

Dejan Milićević, director of the video clip said that the video is an artwork and there will be some theatrical performance and that the song is a disco funk tune. Both singer and director anticipate for the video premiere which is set for March 10th.

About Ghassan Al Kaziri (UAE) (832 Articles)
For many years I was living in Denmark, it was back in 2000 when I met and loved the Eurovision Song Contest. Thousands of miles away from Europe now, I am still a dedicated fan of the contest and proud to be a member of


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