MadWalk 2017 gears up preparations; throwback at Eurostars performing since 2010

GREECE – MadWalk is a project by MAD TV that Famous and newcomers Greek fashion designers coexist with the greatest Greek performers in a unique event that combines dynamic Live Performances with subversive Fashion Shows. Mistresses of the first Fashion Music Project, in 2011, was the fashion icons Vicky Kaya and Tamta. For the second year, Mad TV decided that the MAD presenter Mairi Synatsaki would be ideal for the Fashion Music Project, so Vicky Kaya and herself presented the event together for the two following years (2012-2013). In 2014, Mairi Synatsaki was the hostess for the show by herself. The show will be recorded on March 27th and will be aired later on via ALPHA TVLots of Eurovision stars performed throughout the years among them Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016), Demy (greece 2017), Helena Paparizou (2001, 2005) and more. Enjoy them below.




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