Sweden 2017: duel review for tonight’s Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen


Duel 1 FO&O VS. De Vet Du Predict – FO&O
Clearly FO&O’s “Gotta Thing About You” is the stronger of the two but De Vet Du’s “Road Trip” adds the element of fun and silliness that is stereotypically Eurovision. I think FO&O might edge this one with their younger fan base even with DJ Hunk showing his chiseled pecs at every chance he gets, not that I’m complaining!

Duel 2 Axel Schylström VS. Lisa Ajax Predict – Lisa Ajax
Both songs have the quality to be finalists but Lisa Ajax has the bigger fan base. Even with the constant cursing, Lisa will have the app users pressing their hearts for her. Axel will do well and this could be a close call as he does have the potential sympathy votes dues to his burns.

Duel 3 Boris René VS. Dismissed Predict – Boris René
Again both of these songs have the ability to be finalists but I think this will boil down to a popularity contest. Boris is better known and has momentum from last year’s entry whereas the Swedish public are just learning who Dismissed are. Personally I prefer Dismissed’s song as it is good quality rock/pop but it also adds variety to a heavy pop Final.

Duel 4 Anton Hagman VS. Loreen Predict – Loreen
Anton’s song could of qualified easily versus others in Andra Chansen but up against Loreen I think he will struggle. Loreen’s song is a grower and more of the Swedish public are warming to it. As it is an artistic production and performance it is bound to take sound getting used to. Saying that though, Anton is heard more on Swedish radio as his song is more commercial but his song will struggle against Loreen’s stature.



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