EuroPrediction 2017: submit your interest for the international jury

EUROPE & AUSTRALIA – The annual poll of with annually predictions of 80% in the semi finals and obvious correct approach to the winners in Eurovision, is about to launch when the 43 entries will be available. With more than 354,000 unique voters last year it plans to approach again the results of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest semi finals and the final.

One of the features of the poll is the jury vote. Besides the online users voting, we invite annually fans and lovers of the Eurovision Song Contest to participate as international jury. We choose one person per country. This year we plan to elaborate more on this feature. By April 1st those interested to participate in the international jury must submit the following form. There are some flexibilities this year: first we inform that San Marino jury can be optionally represented by a person from Italy, second, a country representative can not be native citizen of the country but we also consider eligible a person who proves he/she lives in that country for adequate time to become an international jury. Each qualified applicant will be informed on how to cast his/her vote in due time.

all representing countries have submitted a jury member, thank you all for submitting your interest. those qualifying to the voting round will be informed via personal e-mail

Terms of use: by submitting the form you confirm that al information are accurate. Submitted information will be used until the end of the poll exclusively to validate your participation in the international jury and will not be shared with any third party. After the poll closes the information will be deleted from our archives. Participating in the international jury of Europrediction 2017 is volunteer. Europrediction 2017 jury results may present results from fewer than 43 juries if there are not enough applicants and will be signified in the results. Europrediction 2017 is an interactive fan tool for the users to and aims not to substitute the actual voting in the semi finals and the final of Eurovision, in which we encourage you to participate actively. Europrediction 2017 is not a scientific poll.