Germany 2017: new song comparison definitely shows Levina’s song should’ go to Eurovision?

GERMANY – One more song is compared on YouTube with Levina’s song for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and this one is showing there are lots of common notes with the German entry (as you can see above) which definitely raises the question of originality and eligibility to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

Will this time NDR or EBU take some action?

Levina from Germany surely will be in difficult position in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest as there are already publications regarding her song “Perfect Life” which has strong similarities with David Guetta’s “Titanium” feat. Sia.

The same case happened in the German 2013 entry but no one cared that the song was copied almost 100%. In any case no one will care again this time. After all we all remember how the 2015 Swedish entry “Heroes” won the Eurovision Song Contest despite it’s strong similarities with another song. Always the same case as no one cares anymore!



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