Belarus 2017: official photo shoot for Naviband

BELARUS – Navi Band had held official Eurovision promotional photoshoot. The were able to hold rare edition of the book, which is copy of Francysk Skaryna Bible in Church Slavonic language in the Belarusian edition. The Bible was brought to the photoshoot from the National Library of Belarus. But musicians were allowed to keep it only for a few minutes. According to the concept , photographers – Evgeny Kanaplyov and Julia Leydik were catching emotions of the young people flipping pages of the rare book.

The band states: “Eurovision Fans have already named us the ambassadors of the Belarusian language and culture in the contest. We enjoy this status, – say the musicians. – Our nation turns 800 years this year. Historian Adam Maldzis has discovered a document which for the first time (to date) mentions ethnonym “Belarus” back in 1217…”

Photoshoot was held in Zaslaue. The choice of the location can easily be explained: the history of this ancient city is linked with the name of Grand Prince Vladzimir the Great of Kiev who granted it to his wife Ragneda and son Izyaslau. And Izyaslau was called by the chroniclers – scribe.

The series of images were filmed in traditional outfits and CASUAL clothes. Stylist Sergey Verinski who already worked with the band for years also worked with their image this time. Designer integrates Belarusian national ornaments and patterns to the modern outfits.

Plans of Navi Band for the week include finilizing the arrangement of the song. Already in the end of the week we will hear the version of “Historyja majho žyccia” which will sound in May on the Eurovision stage.