France 2017: Amir will fly to Kyiv too..!

FRANCE – On the Eurovision France Facebook page today, Amir and the French broadcaster had a huge surprise for fans. Indeed, in a short video, the singer announced that he had to change a concert date since he was asked to join Marianne James and Stéphane Bern to comment the contest on behalf of France 2 channel.

Alma, the French entrant this year, who is already seen as a serious contender for the trophy, will hence have the best mentor ever with her in Ukraine.

The full list of French commentators is now known: Marianne and Jari (just like in 2016) for semi-finals , Marianne, Stéphane and Amir for the grand final. Let’s just hope the commentators’ boots will be a bit larger than usual!

About Olivier Rocher (France) (446 Articles)
Salut! Born just a few days after Marie Myriam's last victory for my homeland (that's a sign), I've been an ESC fan since Zagreb 1990. In late 2013, I was lucky enough to join the Oikotimes team and even attended my very first contest in situ in Wonderful Copenhagen. Then it was Vienna, Sofia, Stockholm and soon it will be Valletta and Kiev. More to come...


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