Sweden 2017: Melodifestivalen fourth semi final review

photo: SVT

Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat Aninia – En Värld Full Av Strider (Vearelde Gusnie Jeenh Vigkieh) (A World Full Of Battles) – Predict Andra Chansen Jon Henrik was unique in 2015 and he ended of finishing second to Måns. Unfortunately, his sound is no longer new and I feel it will lose impact. The addition of Aninia doesn’t really add anything and it actually feels like her song and not his.

Alice – Running With Lions – Predict Andra Chansen
Alice was the runner up in Idol 2008 to the Maltese, Kevin Borg. Since then she released a couple of singles and disappeared for 7 years. So she would have lost any momentum she had from Idol popularity-wise but she will at least be remembered. The song is good and the most commercial pop song of the semifinal although she may lose out to the symphony vote for Axel.

Les Gordons – Bound To Fall – Predict 6th Place
The web joker has never gotten past their semifinal and unfortunately I don’t think this will be the entry to change that. The song isn’t bad but they haven’t got the clout to sell it. It’s a pleasant rock pop song but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down – Predict Direkt Til Finalen
Last year Wiktoria placed fourth with “Save Me” which had great visuals and pop/country sound which would appeal to more than this year’s entry. This year’s song is great but it is country through and through. She can sell it and with her strong presentation is what I think will get her to the final. That being said this is the closest Semi this year so anything could happen.

Axel Schylström – När Ingen Ser (When No One Sees) – Predict 5th Place
This is Axel’s debut at Melfest and he could do well from the sympathy vote. A few years ago Axel received a electric shock that caused burns on 80% of his body. His song isn’t bad, a standard upbeat Swedish pop number that is radio friendly. I don’t understand artists who sing uptempo songs that can’t dance but based on his rehearsals that is what has happened here.

Sara Varga and Juha Mulari – Du Får Inte Ändra På Mig (You Can Not Change Me) – Predict 7th Place Sara Varga was actually in the final in 2011 finishing in 9th place but her song back then was charming and atmospheric. This entry is combined with Juha Mulari which makes the song feel retro and not in a good way. This will only appeal to the older generation and I feel it will get lost in this semifinal.

Loreen – Statements – Predict Direkt Til Finalen
Since the announcement of Loreen’s participation she has been favourite to win the whole thing. The style here is slightly different than her more popular songs and focuses massively on making a “statement”. It is more an artistic entry than a commercial dance hit. Her name and presentation will qualify her for the final without question but will it win Melfest, I’m not sure.



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