Denmark 2017: Anja Nissen to Kyiv

DENMARK – Denmark will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The Danish broadcaster DR will organise the national final Melodi Grand Prix 2017 in order to select the Danish entry for the 2017 contest in Kiev, Ukraine.


Draw Artist Song Result
1 Ida Una “One” Superfinalist
4 Anja Nissen “Where I Am” Superfinalist
10 Johanna Beijbom “A.S.A.P.” Superfinalist
2 Thomas Ring “Vesterbro” Out
3 Rikke Skytte “Color My World” Out
5 Calling Mercury “Big Little Lies” Out
6 Anthony “Smoke In My Eyes” Out
7 René Machon “Warriors” Out
8 Sada Vidoo “Northern Lights” Out
9 Jeanette Bonde “Hurricane” Out


Draw Artist Song Televote Place
2 Anja Nissen “Where I Am” 64% 1
1 Ida Una “One” 26% 2
3 Johanna Beijbom “A.S.A.P.” 10% 3


Anja Nissen is the winner of the third series of The Voice. She is signed to Universal Music Group and lists her influences as Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Stevie Wonder. In 2015, Nissen was the support act for Olly Murs on his Australian ‘Never Been Better’ tour. Nissen competed in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 on 13 February 2016, performing the song “Never Alone”, which was written by Danish Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest, producer Rune Westberg, and Mozella. Nissen came in second place with 36% of the vote. In 2017, it was revealed that she would compete in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 for a second time with the song, “Where I Am”. She went on to win, and will now represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Anja has been an Australia Day ambassador, and performed at the Australia Day Event in Northern Territory. Nissen performed at the 2014 Carols by Candlelight in Melbourne, Australia. Nissen was also the face of Lyla & Co.


4 Comments on Denmark 2017: Anja Nissen to Kyiv

  1. And last but not least…
    In the WiKipedia page of Denmark’s NF 2017
    it is written that the actual percentages:
    64% of Anja, 26% of Ida & 10% of Johanna
    indicate their shares of the TELEVOTE..(!)
    This must be NON true at all..

    Anja’s 64% is only plasmatic when her 50% came just by the 5 juries alone…

    Anja NO way would had won in the televoting alone
    & with even such big percentage of 64%!

    Over the 90% of the audience that went inside the Box Arena
    must were rooting & cheering for IDA to win instead…

  2. Even if IDA would earn 99% in the televoting alone
    (that would represent 990,000 single votes)
    she would still NOT win!
    (Her 99,% share would be converted to 49,5% with the 50/50)

    And Anja’s rest 1% in the televoting would still WIN!
    (with her share to be converted to 0,5% with the 50/50)
    (that her 1% share would possibly represent just only 10,000 votes…)

    ~ ANJA : 0,5% (televoting) + 50% (5/5 juries) = 50,5% ~ Winner!
    ~ IDA: 49,5% (televoting) + 0 % (0/5 juries) = 49,5% ~ NO Winner!

    So do you see how #RIGGED the Danish NF was?!
    All the votes from the danish people that were casted
    made NO impact at all to the final result of the winner that would go to Kiev!

  3. IDA actually won the televoting by landslide!!
    The Danes clearly wanted HER as winner!

    Here are the actual stats:

    ~ 1st) IDA – :O 52%! :O (26% with the 50/50)
    ( She even earned nearly the DOUBLE votes than Anja!! :O )
    ~ 2nd) ANJA – 28% (14% with 50/50)
    ~ 3rd) JOHANNA – 20% (10% with 50/50)

    **** The 5 juries had to only vote for 1 act each!
    And they all voted for ANJA!
    So she took the whole pie of their 50% share!!

    ~ 1st) ANJA – 100% (50% with 50/50)
    ~ 2nd) IDA – 0% (0% with 50/50)
    ~ 2nd) JOHANNA – 0% (0% with 50/50)

    ~ 1st) ANJA – 14% (televote) + 50% (juries) = 64%
    ~ 2nd) IDA – 26% (televote) + 0% (juries) = 26%
    ~ 3rd) JOHANNA – 10% (tel) + 0% (juries) = 10%

  4. Yay! 🇩🇰❤😊👍🏻


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